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David J. Ewing Scholarship Fund

David J. Ewing Scholarship Fund

The David J. Ewing Scholarship Fund was created by employees of PepsiCo, Inc., in Dallas, Texas. It honors the memory of David J. Ewing, former Director of Human Resources.

A native of Aurora, IL, David was only 8 years old when his mother died of colon cancer at age 35. David and his four brothers and sisters were all straight A students, and all graduated from college. After receiving a degree in business and human resources from Western Illinois University, David Ewing went to work for Pizza Hut, a division of PepsiCo.

He married Cindy Hereau in 1979, and the couple had two children, Sarah and Matthew. David worked for several divisions of PepsiCo as Director of Human Resources, moving from Kansas to Southern California and finally to Dallas.

In business as well as his personal life, David Ewing epitomized a man of strong values, moral character, personal integrity, loyalty, idealism, and love. His co-workers turned to him for guidance and clear thinking. His mere presence changed a meeting’s dynamics and influenced its outcome. He stood his ground when others around him challenged his thinking and his direction.

David J. Ewing died of cancer on November 19, 1990, at the age of 36. Through this scholarship fund, he will never be forgotten.


Hatton W. Sumners Foundation

Who was Hatton W. Sumners?

From 1912 to 1947, Mr. Sumners represented Texas in the U.S. House of Representatives where he became Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Mr. Sumners saw a well informed and perceptive citizenry as essential to preserving democracy, and strong state and local governments as essential to balance the growing influence of the national government. In 1949 he established the Hatton W. Sumners Foundation for the study and teaching of the science of self-government and, following his death in 1962, left most of his estate to the Foundation to carry forward his vision. The MPA program at the University of the North Texas is pleased to participate with the Foundation in promoting Mr. Sumners’ belief in the value of effective leadership to preserving democracy and the urgency of preparing public servants committed to that goal.