UNT AA UNT Black Alumni Network (BAN) Scholarship

  • Awarding Department: UNT Alumni Association
  • Department Contact: untalumnischolarships@unt.edu
  • Career: Undergraduate or Graduate
  • Classification: Any
  • Major: Any
  • Minimum Cumulative GPA: 3.0
  • High School Rank: Top 50%
  • Test Score: N/A
  • Minimum Total Credit Hours Earned: N/A
  • Minimum Total Credit Hours Earned at UNT: N/A
  • FAFSA: Encouraged, but not required
  • Additional Information: UNT Alumni Association Application required
  • Other: Preference given to members of Black-affiliated UNT Student Organizations

Awarding Department
UNT Alumni Association (UNT AA)
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please enter the names and email addresses of two teachers, coaches, guidance counselors or previous employers from whom you would like to request a letter of recommendation.
    • Reference
  2. Please submit a 1,000 word essay discussing your background in life, leadership roles (if any) within a Black-affiliated UNT student organization, the impact the organization has had on you, goals for your future career and how you can support other members of the Black student population.

    If you are a first time in college student (in your first ever semester) discuss your intentions to join a Black-affiliated UNT student organization and how it will impact you, goals for the future and how you intend to support other members of the Black student population.